Below is from Coach Ratliff’s newsletter from August 5, 2018:

We had a good camp.  Over the past week, we were able to install our system and work on the fundamentals of the game.  Without those fundamentals, it really doesn’t matter what system you run.  It all comes down to blocking and tackling.  I feel like we had a good week in those terms, but there is much work to be done.

We will conclude the summer practice schedule this week with a scrimmage on Friday versus GMC in Milledgeville.  Please check the practice schedule for this week in the next section as it fluctuates to account for OPEN HOUSE and a night practice under the lights.

The scrimmage game versus GMC will be in Milledgeville at GMC.  The game will begin at 7:30pm.  Players will report back to school at 4:00pm.  We will leave Gatewood around 6:00pm.  I will use this game as an opportunity for a “road trip run through”.  Our new bus will be available, so we will use the scrimmage to have a full road trip experience minus the food.

I would also like to thank everyone that helped out with Work Day.  With so many different projects going on Saturday, I may not have personally thanked you, but I appreciate you so much.  You not only insured that the football facility was taken care of, but you assisted with the many campus-wide needs and projects.  THANK YOU for supporting Gatewood!

We will be back to work tomorrow with our annual night practice.  I would encourage everyone to come out and watch.  This gives us a chance to adjust to playing under the lights, and it allows us to make sure everything in the stadium is functioning properly.

This week is so important.  We must build on the fundamentals established at camp.  We must begin to find the right combinations that will make us contenders.  Players must step up and begin to distinguish themselves.  In short, it is another step toward Mercer.  All part of the PROCESS!  Let’s have a great week!

The journey to Mercer is a PROCESS.  A PROCESS that requires that we get better every day!  CHAMPIONS PRODUCE DAILY!

Our goal is to WIN a State Championship!

Championships are not given away; THEY ARE EARNED!  Let’s go to work!


Jeff Ratliff
Head Football Coach
Gatewood Gators

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