The Athletic Department at Gatewood would like to thank you for interest in the Gatewood sports programs. This year’s programs are sure to give you many exciting moments and thrills from all of the available Gatewood Varsity sports teams. The coaching staffs have been working hard with the players to make them stronger and faster. This year’s teams are prepared to make your game time viewing very entertaining. Please remember that these are young people, so cheer for all the players and support their endeavors.

Gatewood Alumni at the next level:

Trevor Bowden, Class of 2014, is playing football at the College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio.

Khady Dieng, Class of 2013, playing basketball for Auburn University.

Vincent Hancock, Class of 2007, is a two time Gold Medal Olympian in Skeet Shooting.

Taylor Head, Class of 2014, is playing softball at Piedmont College.

Katherine Lacksen, Class of 2009, running cross country at The Univeristy of Georgia.

Elizabeth Lacksen, Class of 2011, running cross country at The Georgia Institute of Technology.

Will Lacksen, Class of 2013, on the rowing team at The University of Georgia.

Trey Rule, Class of 2011, is playing golf at Mercer University.