The word philanthropy comes from the from Greek orgin, philanthrōpos, which means loving people. At Gatewood Schools you can find that kind of love in the corner of every classroom, every hallway and every square foot of the campus. A commitment, to care for and about one and other. Gatewood Schools was built upon a foundation of giving; recognizing that tuition only provides about 80% of the schools operational costs per student. The School has been honored with the loyal support of parents, grandparents, alumni and friends. We continue that legacy of giving to enrich and enhance the Gatewood Schools’ commitment to educational excellence. I invite you to become involved, learn how YOU can make a difference. I assure you – that your investment in Gatewood Schools and its students will be one that will pay dividends today, tomorrow and beyond.

Warm Regards,

Libby Rainey

Director of Advancement and Development